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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Prius Returns

I had to wait all day for it, but the Prius was finally released from its repair prison late this afternoon (photo from last fall).  Seven weeks they had the car!  Still it wasn't easy, even those last few steps.  I had to call the collision repair facility twice before they told me it was ready.  Then I had to wait for Dennis Hustead to arrive and give me a ride out there, arriving two minutes before they closed.  And to top it all, after I got the car home, I discovered that my luggage cover had not been replaced.  Who knows where it is?  So the Prius is not yet up to full strength.  And during the day of waiting, of course Andrew Baldelli calls to say he's looking at the California Gull at First Landing State Park.  Recall that it would be a state bird for me.  No car.  No way to get there.  All part of the great adventure, eh.
Tomorrow I fly to Texas to search the Rio Grande Valley for a series of specialty birds that have been seen recently.  Not all are still being seen, but I'll look for them anyway.  Maybe something new and good will show up while I'm there.  I'll be back in a week.  Stay tuned.

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