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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Golden-cheeks in View

As promised I was back at the Austen city park (Emma Long Metropolitan Park is its full name) after a hot breakfast and plenty of coffee. Outside it wasn't very warm and there was no burst of song as I got out of the car. But there were no cars and there were no dogs so I took a nice walk along the roadway and listened. It didn't take long for a Golden-cheeked Warbler to begin singing. I took the time to run it down and get a good look as it foraged. I saw several more and I got a pic of one with my point-and-shoot (photo). After the session with the warblers, I drove west and then south to a pocket park near San Antonio where I saw another Golden-cheek and heard several others. By the way there are some interesting looking titmice in this area. I presume it's a hybrid zone where you can count whichever one you're missing.
I reorganized my luggage (all carryons), gassed up and returned the rental car, and I'm now in the San Antonio airport waiting for my flight to board. Tomorrow I'll be back in Virginia looking for those spring migrants. Bring 'em on!
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  1. Awesome! I wore my Golden-cheeked t-shirt (from Lost Maples State Park) today for luck. What a classy bird. I wrote a sketch for "Will & Grace" that featured a Golden-cheeked in Central Park, NYC - and they used the plot line in the episode "Birds & Bees"! As usual, standard stereotypes for birders were used ... Maryland has a Tufted Duck, by the way!

  2. Nice! I still need GC as a life bird. Missed it last time I was in Austin. it was late July and they were no longer singing.

  3. Hi, Bob,

    I'm in Maryland and just read about your success on the Tufted Duck. Isn't that a beautiful bird?
    I'll be heading to south Texas in a month for the first time. Your posts give great information on where to find the good birds. Thanks! I'd love to correspond with you if possible, if there's a way to communicate with you by email, let me know. I look forward to reading more. Are you going for the ABA Big Year record? What's your goal, 700+?