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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday with the Twins

This afternoon Joyce's daughter, Jana, arrived with Jonah and Seth, our twin grandsons (photo).  I had already figured out what we were going to do while Jana and Joyce went to book club tonight.  The weather broke, but the boys decided to play quietly while Jana finished the book for tonight's discussion.  Late in the afternoon the boys and I got rolling and headed to the Mall where we had a pizza snack and the boys shopped for a new DS game.  They didn't find one to suit them.  But we did get tickets to the 3D version of How to Train Your Dragon.  It was the first 3D movie I'd seen in forty years and I thought this one was particularly well done.  A film for all age audiences, it maintained a good balance without getting too syrupy or violent or frenetic. I recommend it although it probably would have been just as effective without the 3D effect.

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