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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preparing for Colorado and Hoping for Migrants Here at Home

I'm trying to get the Colorado trip set up so it flows smoothly, no glitches, and we get all the birds.  You know the dream.  The main thrust of the trip wraps around the various chickenbirds that can be gotten there.  In fact many of the commercial bird tour groups have put together trips to do just that.  We'll do a swing that takes us in a big loop around the state for those grouse, prairie-chickens, and their kin.  But we'll also be looking for mountain species including Boreal Owl and some finches like Pine Grosbeak, as well as spending some time in the grasslands for our last longspur (web photo).
Tomorrow I'm going to go to the Dismal Swamp and hope that a migrant or two will have arrived.  It's been a week since the last year bird, for gosh sakes alive anyhow.

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