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Thursday, March 11, 2010

From LAX to ORF

A full day of flying.  Actually as flying goes it was minimally invasive.  Our motel in Los Angeles was near LAX and our car drop-off location was less than a mile away.  The motel provided a shuttle service to the airport.  Our early flight meant that traffic was at a minimum.  We had checked in on-line, so all we had to do was check the bags once we got to the airport.  For those who don't know, and I didn't, it simply requires a check-in at a baggage-only kiosk.  The savings in time is not at the kiosk, but is being in a much shorter line to begin with.  I think it's worth doing.  The motel had a lobby computer that allowed you to print your boarding pass.  That was a nice feature.  But then it was an AIRPORT motel, so it's logical that it should have that service.
John and I flew home two days earlier than originally scheduled.  It made sense given John's duties with his Cuba trip and my schedule at home.  We had done well with the needed birds and the southern California mountains were very snowy.  The time from takeoff in Los Angeles to landing in Norfolk was less than seven hours.  There were no delays and no long layover at Dulles.  I was home before John left Dulles.  Now that I'm home I'll have to get a few of those chores the income tax!  But there's time.  The big event will be the return of the Prius.  The car repair place says it should be ready tomorrow.  And they did the recall repair too.  We'll see about all of that tomorrow.
Our next actual junket is to Colorado in early April, so there's an extended time based in Norfolk.  Spring migration is on the way.  Then there are those goody birds sitting somewhere asking to be seen.  What shall I do?

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  1. Hey Bob - I haven't seen many geese of note posted on the various listserves, but Tufted Duck, Northern Hawk Owl, Ivory Gull, Garganey have looked enticing, the latter reported at Mattamuskeet. Otherwise, everything has been in Florida or Texas!