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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great Dismal Swamp with Renee

I met Renee at the gate to Washington Ditch at 7:00am but the gate wasn't open and didn't open until 7:22.  Daylight savings time change consequence, I presume.  Although there was no ice on the puddles, the outside temperature registered 32F.  We got started down the road a short time later and got the first of five Louisiana Waterthrushes (web photo) before we got to Lynn Ditch.  The large flock of Rusty Blackbirds I had seen more than a week ago was still in roughly the same area squeaking away as they flipped the leaf litter looking for breakfast.  Several Common Yellowthroats sang from near the path.  Their numbers have increased significantly in the last week.  Also got songs from several wintering species like Winter Wren, Hermit Thrush, Blue-headed Vireo, and Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  But alas there were no new spring birds for the list.  I'll try again next week and see what has changed.
From the swamp I drove west to Wakefield and took a driving tour of some back roads.  Heard and saw an amazing 40+ Pine Warblers and one Yellow-throated Warbler, but again nothing new for me for the year.  On the way back to Norfolk I stopped for lunch in the Wakefield Diner and had their ham biscuits and Brunswick stew.  It was great.  And the waitress kept my coffee cup full.
Tomorrow I HAVE to do the taxes.

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  1. Was getting ready to email you because I hadn't seen any posts . . . was starting to worry about you. Sorry I wasn't 100% with the walking, but I am thrilled that I am back in business. Perhaps by the next walk I can take it forward to ten o'clock. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed our walk immensely (as always). Thanks, Renee