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Friday, March 12, 2010

And Still No Prius

Joyce left this morning for a weekend at the North Carolina Outer Banks and I settled in to work on those paper shuffling chores you inherit once you've returned from an extended trip.  You know the ones.  I also called the car place to check on the Prius.  They said it had been sent over to the other garage to get the recall work done.  I'm sure there's no one out there who doesn't know that several model years of Prius have been recalled for a couple of different maladies.  My Prius, a 2010, suffers from a brake problem.  The proposed fix apparently removes the danger.  So with hope in my heart I went to lunch at Azar's with a friend, Dennis Hustead, and let them finish up the recall work.  However, by late afternoon it was apparent that today was also not going to be the day.  A call revealed as much.  My reunion with my lean blue machine will have to wait until Monday.  In Joyce's absence I have her Honda, so I'm not without wheels.
I turned my attention to another of my obsessions.  Baseball.  Since the St. Louis Cardinals were playing the Boston Red Sox in a spring training game, I decided to get some cables and hook up my computer (I subscribe to to our new television so I could watch the game on a bigger screen than the one on the computer.  Would you believe after three electronic stores, I still couldn't find the right cables?  So I ordered them on the web rather than drive around further without success.  They'll be here next week.  The game was rained out in Florida anyway.
I didn't do any real birdwatching today in part because it was raining, and it seems to want to continue doing so right on through tomorrow.  Doesn't leave much of an excuse not to start the taxes.

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