Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We are in Arizona - Bird Number 300

A long day of flying.  Into Chicago with the snow.  Out to Los Angeles.  That's right Los Angeles.  It's right on the way to Tucson.  But right on schedule we arrived in Tucson.  My luggage made it, but John's didn't.  So after filing a claim, we picked up the rental car, a Prius, and headed south toward Madera Canyon.  It was late but we managed some new species, Yellow-eyed Junco, Spotted Towhee, Acorn Woodpecker, and Painted Restart (bird species # 300) (web photo).  Tonight we're staying at the home of George West and his wife in Green Valley.  George wrote the bird guide to Alaska which we'll use later this year.


  1. Painted Redstart - what a classy #300! So glad you guys made it out before today's snowstorm! If you need any contacts or locations for Baird's Sparrow, give a shout. Good luck in AZ - still such fond memories of 1980!

  2. Number 300!! If you could continue to rack 'em up this fast . . . have fun out west. Renee

  3. John needs to sacrifice a goat or a taco or something to the luggage gods before your next flight. He's not had good luck recently - Cuba and now here.

    Speaking of tacos, if you are in Tucson and looking for a good place to eat, I always like the Hotel Congress, especially for breakfast/brunch.

    Congrats on 300. Hope you get the Rufous-backed Robin.

  4. Congratulations on #300! I remember my life Painted Redstart that you and I found hiking to Boot Springs in 1983!

  5. Wow! 300 already, good work. Went looking for the Ash Throated FC a few times with no luck back here at home.