Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nothing Profound but a Nice Evening

Spent Friday doing the little things everyone has to do, like the wash, getting some money for the trip, picking up a prescription, a stop at the grocery and still forgetting to get one item.  In the afternoon I turned in my second dose of rental car.  Perhaps when I get back from CA the Prius will be ready.  The evening was the best part, celebrating my wife Joyce's birthday a couple of days ahead of time at a nice restaurant with good friends.  Tomorrow it's pack and go.  Next posting will be from California.


  1. Send my birthday wishes to Joyce! Hope she has a great one. Renee

  2. Your fans are hungry for some Sunday California birds! Great weekend here, with the Painted Bunting very cooperative for Larry, Lauren, Fenton, Andrew, and they saw all the 'regular' rare stuff (Black-headed Gull showed well), though I think the White-fronted was MIA among the Snow Geese. I edited all weekend and got LOTS done.

  3. I'm the flight attendant that took you to California. I hope you have great success! It was nice chatting with you.