Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last Day in Arizona - Bird #350

Back in Tucson from our run to California and back, we set out early to a spot where a Short-tailed Hawk has been seen in the morning.  It didn't cooperate, but we met several other birders hoping to see it as well including Stuart Healy from Sierra Vista.  Next we tried for a Red-breasted Sapsucker that has been visiting a city park, again with no success.  However, a pair of Vermilion Flycatchers were courting at the park and I just couldn't resist a photo (photo).  Our third bird try was for Gilded Flicker in the Saguaro National Park.  That yielded much better results with three birds seen in a short period of time.
For the rest of the day we drove up Mt. Lemmon and sampled the habitats at higher elevations.  We took several walks into snow-closed camping areas, walking on the snow, and stopping to listen as we went.  We did see several groups of Pygmy Nuthatches (#350), some Steller's Jays, and a Mountain Chickadee.  We went as high as the road allowed where we saw the result of the fire of several years ago.  Most of the houses in Summerhaven have been rebuilt, but the trees that used to surround them are no longer there.  On the way down we stopped to take some pics (photo).  It took forever to get over to the hotel we had picked for our last night in Arizona.  John had his heart set on an Italian meal, so we did that.  My spinach cannelloni was terrific.  Our flights tomorrow leave Tucson at 5:30am so our last night may not include much sleep.  The species total is now 351.

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