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Monday, February 1, 2010

Key Biscayne, rain, and the Everglades

We were at Bill Baggs State Park on Key Biscayne when it opened at 8am this morning. We went to the spot where the La Sagra's Flycatcher has been seen first thing in the morning. It had been seen there yesterday. We waited and searched until 11:30 when Audrey had to leave to meet some visitors. We didn't see or hear it, but I did add two new year birds, Northern Parula and Great Crested Flycatcher (which gave me a start when I first saw it). Two other birders, Hal from Fayetteville NC and David from Paris TX, had joined us for a while. We heard from them later by phone that the bird had not shown up during their extended stay. We plan to try again tomorrow. One thing that impeded our search was the weather. It rained, ney poured, for much of the afternoon and was drizzly this morning.
Audrey, Bobby, their guests, and I went to the Everglades in the afternoon during which the rain also did a lot of pouring. We squeezed in a few species which were new for me for the year including Purple Gallinule, Green Heron, and a probable young Swainson's Hawk (photo). After leaving the park, we went to the Homestead airport where Audrey showed us two Burrowing Owls. Home for overnight at Audrey and Bobby's and get ready for another shot at the flycatcher. Species total now at 278.
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  1. Don't forget to pick up Common Myna in Florida City. You can't miss them there!

  2. Photo looks perfect for a young Swainson's! Amazing that 2 wintered in Dare County, NC, last winter ... what a remarkable thing to have some wintering in the East and Gulf Coast annually now. Good luck with the old flycatcher today!