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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Home in Norfolk

Well....I'll confess.  I slept in.  Not really late, but certainly enough to have a positive impact.  I suppose I could use the excuse that my body was still on Arizona time.  But the real truth is that it felt good.  That first cup of coffee at home was also good.  Seeing the backyard birds, easily from an indoor chair, was a novelty.  Like the Brown-headed Nuthatch (photo).  Nothing new, but it was fun.  Tomorrow I have to do some yard work since John and I will be going back on the birding trail next Saturday to California.  Today, though, I ran errands, picking up some items I needed, with more yet to figure out.  I got a haircut, picked up a prescription, did some banking, bought some lawn supplies for tomorrow's outdoor work, and stopped to pick up the calling cards I had ordered before I left for Arizona, but the printing shop wasn't open.  Costco with Joyce, was the usual zoo, except the grazing was not quite up to the usual fine standards.  We got seduced into a new TV, a 32 inch Vizio, 720p for a good price.  Also got my new copy of Turbotax so I could pretend I was working on our taxes.  On our way home we took a nice walk at East Ocean View, looking for the Black-headed Gull.  It wasn't around.  Try again tomorrow.  At home I set up the new TV.  Amazing how heavy our old set is compared to the new LCD model.  The hookup was simple because we still have non-digital cable.  The picture quality for the digital channels is a significant improvement and there are multiple PBS digital channels we didn't have access to before.  A nice 60th birthday party at a friend's house finished off the day.

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