Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How did we do in Arizona?

As I did after our Texas trip, I'll attempt a bit of analysis of our Arizona excursion.  The two trips were a little different in that this time we flew and rented a car instead of driving from Virginia.  In my case that added only about $200 since I used my frequent flyer miles for the airfare.  The gasoline cost was about the same per day since we had a Prius for both trips.  We again enjoyed the hospitality of a friend's home for several nights cutting the motel cost.  We did not camp a single night even though John had brought the tent and we both had our sleeping bags and pads.  That may become the standard method until summer.  We will not take the tent to California, for example.  We saved on the pelagics since we did only one NC trip to get the winter birds we needed.  And I had budgeted for a quick trip to MN for owls which I decided not to take.  So another month of coming in under budget.
How about the birds?  The only birds on the list we "missed" were Harlequin Quail, Sage Thrasher, Brewer's Sparrow, and McCown's Longspur, all of which we have at least one more significant chance for during the rest of the year.  On the positive side there were three ABA birds for me in Arizona when we arrived and we got all three.  It took three tries with the Rufous-capped Warbler, a run to Phoenix for the Rufous-backed Thrush, and a little driving for the Ruddy Ground-Dove, but we turned that into a chance to make an incursion into CA and got the Yellow-footed Gull.  I feel very good about our progress thus far and see no reason why we shouldn't reach the goal of 650 for the year.  Going into California my total stands at 353.


  1. Although I've been following closely, I've lost track of the actual total so far. Let us know.

  2. Wow, 353 already and only 2 months in. Very impressive!

  3. The last ones are the toughest to get ...