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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The First Pelagic Trip

John and I are back together again, this time for our first pelagic attempt of the year.  We're scheduled to go out of Hatteras NC tomorrow with Brian Patteson to look for alcids, winter gulls, Great Skua, and the like.  The weather doesn't look too terrific, but we're hopeful something will come of it.  We have to get up at 4am and drive to Hatteras from our Kill Devil Hills motel.  Traffic shouldn't be much at that hour.  The participants in this VSO pelagic trip are supposed to meet at the dock at 6am.  We will have done our 7-11 breakfast and coffee.  Though the temperature is now 37F, it is not likely to be much warmer tomorrow.  If we don't make it offshore tomorrow, it looks even worse for Saturday and Sunday.  Such are the vagaries of pelagics.  If we don't get out tomorrow, we'll spend the day birding onshore with special attention to the ocean side where we can look for the alcids and other birds we had hoped to find from the boat.  We'll give you a report tomorrow. 

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