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Monday, February 22, 2010

Ducks and the Rain

At home catching up today.  A few errands but mostly getting through mail, email, bills.  And watching our cove!  We had about forty Mallards, but mixed in was a nice male Green-winged Teal (web photo), a pair of Wood Ducks, and a pair of American Black Ducks.  The Bald Eagle flew over.  I still haven't gone to North Shore Drive to look for the nest.  The activity at the feeders was up, primarily because I straightened their alignment, cleaned and filled them all.  One of the errands was to replace the cellphone charging cable that I think I left in the Chicago airport and the connector that got left in the rental car.  At least I didn't leave anything really important (that I know of!).  And then the rain came.  It made me happy that I got the lawn taken care of yesterday.  Worked on the California itinerary and potential bird list.  It should be fun.  We leave Saturday, at a reasonable hour anyway.

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  1. Which is the best part of North Shore Road to look for the bald eagle?