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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Somebody Else Has Airline Troubles

Jorn and Claudia had morning flights from Norfolk back to NYC where they live.  We had a nice breakfast including the fresh granola that Joyce and Claudia cooperatively produced last night.  I took the two of them to the airport and dropped them off around 9:00am.  I had hardly gotten home when I got a call from Jorn telling me their flight was rescheduled for later that afternoon.  So I went back to the airport and picked them up.  We came back to the house, read the papers, watched the local birds (web photo), and I took them back to the airport mid-afternoon.  Again upon return I got a call that said their flight had been cancelled and they would be flying out early tomorrow.  Soooo...I reclaimed them from the airport.  We had a squash-based summer dish that Joyce put together; it was a hit.  Jorn and I watched the Cards/Cubs game on ESPN until he had to go to bed because their flight was an early one.  I stayed up to the end.  The Cards won on a home run by Lopez in the 11th inning to salvage one win from the Cubs series.  The Cards are still in first and the Nightingale-Thrush is still singing in South Dakota.

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  1. Good reminder of why I have up flying a few years ago!