Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Lucifer Shows

We were up at 5:00am for our Denny's breakfast before heading south to the Carr Canyon road.  This time John got to drive it.  After getting to the campground, we parked and walked around hoping that our earlier start today compared to that yesterday would get us the warblers we sought.  But none of them were singing.  We moved along up the road, stopping where we could get the car off the road.  Still nothing.  At one point John saw a warbler with a bit of yellow including what appered to be a yellow rump fly across the road.  But try as we might, we couldn't refind the bird.  A little further along while we were outside the car a similar sighting was made up the hill.  I raced up there while John got the car off the road and confirmed it was a Virginia's Warbler, one of our targets and species #674.  At that point I was certain that further searching here in the Huachucas was not for us.  We would invest our warbler searching time into our visit to the Chiricahuas.  So it was down the mountain we went and back to the Ash Canyon B&B where we plunked ourselves down in the chairs for the duration, meaning we'd stay until the Lucifer Hummingbird showed.  It took three and a half hours, but show she did and bcame yearbird #675 (web photo), another significant milestone.  We drove back to Sierra Vista for a late lunch.  I hit the ATM machine and we headed for Wilcox which has a Motel 6 and is poised to get us to Rustler's Park in the Chiricahuas early tomorrow morning where we hope that we get the two remaining warblers and the Mexican Chickadee.  But for now, we're going to put our feet up and watch the Baseball All-Star Game.  Go get 'em National League and go Albert!


  1. Good job. Hope the game was a winner. Glad to see you got some sleep. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon. Renee

  2. Doing a dance here for the gnatcatcher, warblers, chickadee, tanager, and maybe the rascally goatsucker. I wish that Fan-tailed Warbler in Ramsey Canyon 7 May had stuck around!

  3. In case you go back out to listen for nightjar, Mark Stevenson had a gnatcatcher out that way last week: Sorry to not get word of this out earlier. On Monday, July 5, around 10 AM, I
    had a female Black-capped Gnatcatcher in Pena Blanca Canyon near Pena Blanca
    Lake. The bird was .4 miles up canyon (south) along the dirt road that heads
    south from Ruby Road and is signed for Pena Blanca Canyon. It spent most of its
    time along the east side of the canyon in oaks, and was calling occasionally.