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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flight Day - Stopover in Denver

Thanks go to Dick Palmer for giving me a ride to the airport since Joyce had a meeting.  Once again at the airport I went directly to security since I had only two smallish bags and had pre-printed my boarding passes.  However, the contents of my bags gave indigestion to the TSA scanner and I had to watch while they pawed through them and rescanned them.  Of course, in the end I had to repack them since they were returned to me in a jumble.  My flight was on Continental Airlines which means I went northeast to Newark to go west to Denver.  However, at Newark I got to see Air Force One in person (web photo) since Obama was in NYC for a speech.  Got to Denver a half-hour late and went to the car rental lot where I had to repeat all the information I had given on the reservation form.  The car was okay and did have cruise control although I had been told when I asked the agent that it did not.  I set the GPS for Savoy SD and started driving the 400 miles.  The trip required a couple of cups of coffee and a donut to get me there, but I drove into the parking lot at Iron Creek at about 12:30am.  I even got a few hours of sleep in the back of the car before the rain started.  I dropped off to sleep with visions of birds with orange bills dancing in my head.

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