Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Highland County VA

Cheerios and coffee.  That was breakfast.  But it got me on the road with John in his Subaru for the trip up Highland County route 642.  It was raining lightly and there was fog.  Our first warbler, a Yellow Warbler, was singing in the yard.  The Subaru was a little low on gas, so we drove to Rte 220 on the Potomac River to fill the tank.  While John took care of that task, I listened at the bridge which is famous for its Warbling Vireo, present today in full song.  There was also a Northern Waterthrush, our second warbler of the day.  More importantly there were three Least Flycatchers calling.  With a full tank of gas we headed up route 642 tallying Scarlet Tanagers, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, and Red-eyed Vireos right and left.  The Black-throated Green Warbler was a catch-up bird for John.  More warblers and thrushes.  At Straight Fork our first Magnolia Warbler sang.  But it was the Alder Flycatcher that meant more to us.  On up the road with Blackburnian Warblers calling while I struggled to hear them.  Into the rhododendrons where the Canada Warblers were singing.  Finally reaching the backbone we turned north to a clearcut that is on the west side of the road in West Virginia.  There we heard many more Least Flycatchers, a dozen Chestnut-sided Warblers, and the sought-after prize, Mourning Warbler.  We didn't add anything new on the way down, but north of Blue Grass we heard, then saw a gorgeous male Golden-winged Warbler (web photo).  After exchanging the Subaru for my Prius at John's place, we headed back to Staunton.  I made a stop at the fish hatchery and bought 5 lbs of rainbow trout.  Near Ramsey Draft we slowed down to let some cars pass and heard an Acadian Flycatcher call.  When we got to Staunton we went along Bell's Lane where we picked up a Willow Flycatcher, our fourth empidonax flycatcher.  I dropped John off at the Toyota place where he picked up his serviced Prius.  Before I left Staunton, I stopped in at Starbucks and got a tall bold and an apple fritter.  I also cashed in my promotional card that I had been getting stamped for ten weeks, now good for a pound of bold coffee.  I chose Sumatran and had it ground extra fine.  Afton Mountain was completely fogged in.  But that didn't stop me from trying for a Kentucky Warbler.  I didn't get it, but did add Cerulean, Worm-eating, and Hooded to our day's warbler list which ended up at 18.  After three plus more hours, I reached home where I unpacked and cleaned up and spent the rest of the evening with Joyce.  The seven new birds brought the year's total to 560.

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