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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hatteras Pelagic - 4

It was definitely a jaeger day today.  Off and on all morning we were favored by the presence of a pair of Pomarine Jaegers (photo of one).  Then an adult Long-tailed Jaeger appeared (photo).  We also had a five shearwater day - Sooty, Greater, Manx, Audubon's and Cory's.  But the real story is that after I spent three days adding 7 birds to my year list, John rejoined the pursuit and made up that lost ground in one day.  That's right!  All seven species on one  So tomorrow and on Tuesday John and I will be adding new birds at the same time.
We had another good marine mammal show including very good looks at a cruising Sperm Whale.  Ocean sunfish seemed to be common and we got to watch a couple of them swimming below the surface.  Pretty cool.
No new ones for me today so the number stays at 571
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  1. We will have to start calling John, "LJ", for Lucky John. Hopefully Mon with the storm pushing birds in your direction you'll get some new ones. I cancelled my "Henslow" trip at 0430 this am due to rain that stretched to Greenville. Tues is a blowout for me and it may be for you too?! Good luck, Audrey