Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back into Texas

We couldn't find the MiFi so my postings may not be quite as regular as in the past.  We left Tellahassee early and headed west with John driving.  Out of Florida, through Alabama, and into Mississippi.  We stopped at the welcome center to eat the lunch John had fixed and what should be singing but a Swainson's Warbler, a bird John needed.  On across Louisiana where I picked up a Bank Swallow winging across the road, and into Texas with enough time to do a little birding on the Bolivar Peninsula.  Looking through shorebirds and terns we added Black Tern (tons of them) (web photo) and a few Common Terns.  We took the ferry to Galveston where we were reunited with Dick Peake.  We're staying with Dick and Martha tonight and tomorrow we'll look for some rice fields.  The three new birds brought the total to 517.


  1. I lost track of time and it took me until today to realize that you would be back on the blog since heading to the Tortugas. Sometimes it takes me a while! Didn't realize you were going to TX as well as FL on this trip. Hope you have great weather and lots of new birds. Renee

  2. I look forward to reading adventures every day. You are approaching my 37 year life list in just over 4 months.

    Good Luck, by the way Phillies 2 - 1 last night.

    Dave Young, lifelong Phillies fan

  3. P.S. Cards - Phils ESPN tonight