Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Monday, June 28, 2010

We're in Michigan

More air travel.  Remember when flying used to be exciting and fun?  Maybe not, huh.  My two flights on Delta were a little tight.  Flying to Atlanta to fly to Detroit doesn't make sense except to the airline.  On both flights I was near the back of the plane.  Slept a bit.  Starved some.  Did one puzzle.  Finally arrived and called John's cellphone since he arrived earlier than I did.  After a couple more phone calls, we got together outside the terminal and I called Dave Johnson who had agreed to pick us up at the airport and haul us around for the week we would be in Michigan.  We headed straight away for Waterloo SRA where I had been given a location for Henslow's Sparrow by Allen Chartier.  When we drove up to the parking lot near the church, the wind was blowing.  Out of the car I thought I heard the call, but we needed to get a bit closer.  We waded into the mixed grass and the call became more distinct.  John played the call and the bird came zipping right in.  Once again I had left the camera in the car in my haste to get to the bird, so the image is a web photo.  From there we went to a couple of sites for Blue-winged Warbler, but they had grown up and we got no action.  At the last place Dave suggested we move down the road which looked a little more open.  We did and after a few minutes, a beautiful male Blue-winged Warbler came in.  To celebrate we went to McDonalds where I got a large coffee.  Fully satisfied we headed north to Grayliing where we will be staying with Calvin and Charlene Brennan tonight.  Tomorrow we go to look for the Kirtland's Warbler and a few other new birds.  Today's two new birds brought the total to 643.

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  1. Hello to Calvin & Charlene!

    Your schedule is making me tired and I'm just reading about it! Next year you are going to have to sleep for the month of January so that you can catch up!!

    Enjoy Michigan . . . probably a lot cooler than home!