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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home, Briefly

Yes, I did get home! From Dallas at about 12:15pm today. Joyce picked me up at the airport, after buying a new patio furniture set, and we went back to the house where I haven’t been for exactly a month. I spent the day reorganizing for the trip to Michigan tomorrow, made a few arrangements for the Arizona trip to follow, and tried to keep track of the Cardinals game (they lost badly!). Joyce fixed a lovely fish dinner and we took a walk around the yard. It was still quite warm at 7:30pm. I tried to work the NY Times crossword, but my eyelids wouldn’t stay open. Even with Sunday night baseball on TV I couldn’t stay awake. I faded at about 9pm after setting the alarm for 4:30am so I could get to the airport and catch my early flight to Detroit.

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