Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gambell - V, and Back to Nome

Most of us started the morning with a sea watch which went off nicely with all four eiders seen well in flight directly in front of us as well as a close-up Horned Puffin (photo). Since this was moving day, we pulled together our belongings and Bob moved things around inside the house so the owners from whom he had rented it could have it back. We ate leftovers for lunch. During lunch I had made the statement that we’d all be energized when we got the word that a Common Rosefinch had been found. And the the two-way radio squawked and indeed a Common Rosefinch had been found. Fortunately it was nearby and we all got there in a jiffy. Paul had the bird in view and pointed it out to us. We all drank it in, although to be honest it was a bit of a drab bird. We did a little more sea watching, and then it was time to go. We walked to the airstrip where we piled all of our luggage which was then loaded onto the two Bering Air planes that had arrived almost simultaneously. The forty minute flight brought us to Nome where we re-met our guides for the Nome portion of the trip, Aaron and David. All of our stuff was loaded into the van and went to the house of George where we got our assigned rooms. Then it was off to dinner at a local restaurant. Following dinner we did some birding along the Council Road. We scored with Aleutian Tern and John got a catch-up Sabine’s Gull. We returned to the guesthouse, did the list, and hit the sack. The two new birds brought the year’s list to 611.Posted by Picasa

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