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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Connecticut Warbler

The alarm went off at 5:00am right on schedule.  It took a little effort, but we all made it up and out in relattively little time.  We returned to the area where yesterday we cruised listening for Connecticut Warbler with no luck.  We hoped that today would be differennt.  For the first hour or so it was the same - no warbler.  However, we revisited our first place of the morning and this time the warbler sang.  We actually got to see it pretty well (web photo).  Buoyed by this success we visited a boggy spot which supposedly holds Yellow-bellied Flycatchers, but we couldn't find one.  After breakfast we tried a couple of other spots with similar success.  At Seney NWR we walked the nature trail and checked with the staff about sightings of the flycatcher and the Yellow Rail.  We checked into a nearby motel, snoozed a bit, and got ready for dinner.  The restaurant was one-third of a building, the other parts being a bank and the post office.  It took awhile, but we didn't have anywhere to go really.  After dinner, we drove some roads but the sun was in our eyes most of the way so we gave it up and went to Seney where we drove the wildlife loop again, clicking rocks for the Yellow Rail.  No rail responded, so we went back to the motel and crashed.  Tomorrow we look for the Spruce Grouse.

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