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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Drive to Homer, Alaska

Up early, John and I took a walk along the spruce-lined gravel road leading from the lodge to the main road.  Our target, of course, was Spruce Grouse.  Again, no grouse, but we did hear the distinctive call of the Olive-sided Flycatcher, a new bird for the year.  We also heard many Alder Flycatchers and saw Boreal Chickadees and Gray Jays.  After our breakfast, we hit the road, the Glenn Highway, along which the scenery was gorgeous (photo).  In Anchorage we dropped off Nancy at the Puffin Inn and turned the car further south.  We drove around the Turnagan Arm, a spur off Cook Inlet, and onto the Kenai Peninsula.  After about four and a half hours we reached Homer, our destination.  We checked into the motel where workmen were replacing the roofing directly over our room.  We got another room.  John ate at the restaurant next door, giving Joyce and me an evening out together.  We went to the Homer spit and picked out a good restaurant where we split a  halibut meal, added an extra salad, and topped the meal off with some cheese cake.  We took a walk after dinner and watched the Black-legged Kittiwakes building nests under the pier on the girders, treating the structure just like a cliff site.  The flycatcher brought the year's list to 624.

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