Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In the Land of the Coastal Redwoods

Last night after John's flight arrived, we collected his luggage and went to the car rental facility via the elevated train.  Although the Budget agent tried to sell us every extra he could, we managed to leave with the car we wanted in the first place.  It happened to be a Ford Focus with a trunk which seems to get about 35mpg.  We drove to Petaluma, about an hour north of San Francisco where we bedded down at a Motel 6.  This morning we breakfasted at the Denny's next door and headed north.  After an hour and a half, we stopped at a rest area, used the facilities, and then recognized a song resembling a Black-throated Green.  It was that of a Hermit Warbler although moments later we were looking at a Black-throated Gray Warbler as well, another warbler with a buzzy song similar to that of our Black-throated Green.  Onward to the north where at Arcata we turned east to Blue Lake and a walkabout which netted a Lazuli Bunting and Vaux's Swift.  There were also lots of nice western birds like Western Tanager, Bullock's Oriole, Violet-green Swallow, Cassin's Vireo, and Black-headed Grosbeak.  We went back to Arcata and north to Prairie Creek SP where we walked the trail and got a Pacific-slope Flycatcher among the huge and beautiful coastal redwoods (web photo).  Earlier on our drive north we passed through several terrific groves of these impressive trees.  Tonight we're in Orick CA and tomorrow we shall return to Prairie Creek before dawn to watch the Marbled Murrelets fly in from the sea.  The five new birds raised the total to 629.


  1. Incredible county with those giant trees! Renee

  2. Wow! Thanks for keeping up the blog. It is a major vicarious thrill!!!

  3. Bob,
    LIke many I'm lickin' my chops as you surf from state to state. Sounds like you are having fun though I'll bet the constant 'on the go-ness' of it all is also taking its toll and you will likely be glad to head home for a rest in your own bed! Say, one of these days while you are either resting or airplane-bound could you update your big year list on the blog? I was finding it really interesting seeing how you were doing on things like year totals by species, which bird were life birds etc.

    Patrick Toomey
    Charlottesville, VA