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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Western End of the Rio Grande Valley

Early this morning we trekked into Bentsen State Park in the dark to see if the Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl would call. Since the temperature was 46F, it was not likely, and in fact did not happen. We heard Eastern Screech-Owl and Great Horned Owl, heard the birds of the park come to life, talked to several park walkers, and left at 7:45am. We drove west on US 83, stopping at a Denny's for breakfast, and proceeding on to the Roma Bluffs unit of the World Birding Center. It's an urban viewpoint overlooking the Rio Grande where some good birds have been seen. We did see a variety of riverine birds plus some passerines flying across the river. Nice spot. The riverside locale at Salineno was next, the highlight being a set of feeders that used to be maintained for many years up until recently. Three years ago another couple from Massachusetts took over the chore of tending the feeders and for that we are all appreciative. It is one of the easiest places to see Audubon's Oriole (photo). There were also Hooded and Altimira Orioles there too, and a Long-billed Thrasher that loved to bathe, seen here in an apparent mad dash to get away from something (photo). We also checked out the river edge viewing at Chapeno, slightly upriver from Salineno. The owner has built a nice tower that gives a great view up and down the river, something you need when looking for Muscovy Ducks and Red-billed Pigeons. Unfortunately for us at this time, neither of these birds has been seen by the locals in over a month. Next May when we return to Texas should be a better time for both species. We ended the day by going to Falcon State Park where we finally set up our tent. We will sleep there tonight. Tomorrow we'll bird a little around the park and go to Zapata to look for the seedeaters. Species total is now 241.
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  1. I love your blog! It's finally warmed up in S.FL and livable. I got my life LaSagra FC Fri at Bill Baggs then today I got a few FL birds (W.Tanager, C.Eider and a RF Booby which had been found on Miami Beach, then rehabed and released buttttttt it still hangs around the Seabird Center every day, not sure if I'll count it) Audrey