Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the road to Louisiana

 The Prius left Staunton at 5am with the temperature at 10F and drove south on I-81 passing through a snow flurry in the Marion VA area. Lots of road salt. Through Tennessee, a corner of Georgia, across Alabama and Mississippi and into Louisiana. The temperature most of the day was below freezing. We arrived at Steve Cardiff and Donna Dittmann's home at 8 pm CST where we chatted for several hours with the Dallas/Philadelphia football game in the background. Donna and Steve maintain a large collection of hummingbird feeders which they have to take in and thaw in weather like this. It's an extremely involved operation. They have also created habitat for many birds, which we'll see tomorrow.
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  1. great article today in paper! my birding guru and his big year . . . delightful! will be tracking you and look forward to all the posts! btw, foot surgery was successful and i'm recovering well. renee

  2. Go Bob Go!!!, just got back from three weeks in south Florida this morning and found the great article in the paper. With all that birding not much time for Cardinal's baseball, but I'll bet you have Florida on your schedule right around Spring training. Found the Masked Duck yesterday on the way north. Bet you will get over 700. Terry Jenkins

  3. Hey Bob,

    You had such a big impact on my youth, allowing me to tag along on birding trips with your family in the early 70s. You gave me a great start on a life of birding. Believe it or not, I turn 52 in a few weeks. Hope that doesn't make you feel too old. We will all be living vicariously through you this year.

    Best of Luck,

    Tim Barry

  4. Nice article in the paper. I am looking forward to your posts! I am going to live vicariously through you! I am jealous, but so excited for you!! I saw 2 bald eagles on the way to North Carolina yesterday and was so excited about seeing them! Best of luck through the year!