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Friday, January 8, 2010

Heading to Texas via Staunton, VA

Spent the morning getting my stuff together and reading on the web how cold Texas is right now. But with all those great birds there, any weather won't be a deterrant. Left Norfolk about 11am and drove to Portsmouth where I found the peregrine (photo) on the West Norfolk bridge that David Hughes had spotted during the Nansemond River CBC. Tries for a Common Merganser at Burbage Lakes and Redheads at Big Bethel reservoir were not successful. On I-64 heading west two Black Vultures flew over adding an easy bird to the list. When I got to Staunton, John jumped into my car and we drove over to a farm with a barn with a Barn Owl. The owl was home (photo), but there were no interesting sparrows among the White-throated and Songs along the road edge. However, a Wilson's Snipe was probing in a wet spot along the road giving me four new birds for the day. Brings the list to an even 120. Tomorrow we head to Louisiana at 5am. It's 1000 miles to Baton Rouge, so it will be a long day of counting Red-tails and other roadside and wire birds.
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  1. Good thing for Barn Owls we came along when we did. Musta been hell finding a decent barn before that.


  2. Nothing so good for the spirit like a road trip! Go get 'em, Butch and Sundance!!

  3. Travel safely and have fun. Sykes got the Tiger-heron 1/7 (someone had it in their scope when he drove up). Birded with a small group from the Tropical Audubon Society this am and tried for the LaSagra's in ENP but the wind and rain won. Settled for a Swainson's hawk, 2 WT Kites and male Rufous HB outside the park. Good birding, Audrey

  4. Thanks for this great journal of your travels and birds! The Common Mergansers are still on Lake Smith - I'm asking them to stick around until you get back. Good luck and have fun!