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Monday, September 27, 2010

Still in Norfolk, but Not For Long

On Monday no good news came in from around the country about yet-to-be-seen yearbirds that were being seen by someone.  That meant that I didn't revise my travel plans and leave early.  So I stayed at home and enjoyed the buckets of rain pouring down on our house (web photo).  Early on when the rain was a bit lighter, I did see a few birds around the yard.  But after the deluge set in, it was difficult to see anything moving except the rain.  So for now the plans are to fly to Arizona on Wednesday, continuing on to California on Friday for a two-day pelagic over the weekend, and on to Barrow next week.  I'll be back in Norfolk on October 12

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  1. Happy trails! Maybe White-winged Crossbill, Snowy Owl, Thayer's Gull, and a surprise will make an appearance in the next two weeks, too!