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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chris Hitt

     I slept late and then worked on my blog.  While I was working in my room this morning, I heard music coming from the room where the motel's continental breakfast was served.  The room had became a "store front" church.  The best thing about that was the music which was of the gospel variety with three or four part harmony and plenty of rhythmic clapping even though there was a drum set accompaniment.
    Chris Hitt (shown in the photo with his family), who is doing a lower-48 big year, will be on the boat trips I'm taking off Half Moon Bay and Bodega Bay.  He offered and I gratefully accepted sharing his motel room.  We had made arrangements to meet at his motel this afternoon.  So I drove south on US101 only to find that at 3 am this morning a multi-car accident had occurred with two deaths and the freeway has been closed ever since.  With help from my gps I navigated around the stoppage and made it to the motel.  A short time later Chris arrived and we compared notes on our bird wantlists.  When we went out to find some dinner, the Chinese restaurant he had chosen was having a bash;  a group had reserved the whole restaurant.  So instead we went to a nearby Whole Foods, a grocery chain with which Chris was associated before his retirement, and there got supplies for tomorrow's pelagic trip and picked up some sushi for dinner back at the motel.  We watched a bit of the Cardinals' game on TV since the game with Atlanta was the Sunday night game.  Tomorrow the pelagic trip.

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  1. So, how was the service? The church service, that is. Was it delightful gospel music? Some of those gospels tunes are really lovely. Renee