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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Set for the Kiptopeke Challenge

I returned to Norfolk today a bit zonked.  It was, however, good to get home where a Blue Jay was bathing in our bird bath (Charles Harper web snatch).  I celebrated by taking a little snooze since my day had started at 4:30am with the airport shuttle in Ft. Lauderdale.  This coming Saturday David Clark, Andrew Baldelli, and I will also have an early start, this time on Virginia's Eastern Shore as part of CVWO's fundraiser, the Kiptopeke Challenge.  I hope you've made a pledge or have contributed to CVWO by clicking on the link in the upper left of this blog and following the directions there.  I don't think I'll get any new birds during the day to increase my year's list (except maybe the White-cheeked Pintail, if I choose to count it), but it will be a fun day and we plan to obtain a good count.  Dare I hope for over 130!  That might happen if Mr. Weather gives us a break this year and drops a big wave of migrants.  That would be fun to sort through all those birds.  Tomorrow I'm finalizing my plans for the couple of weeks after the Challenge.  It will involve a multi-day pelagic out of San Diego and possibly a run to Alaska to see the Ross's Gull migration at Barrow, if I can find the airline miles to cash in.


  1. Hey Bob - You guys ever consider starting at Chincoteague and working southward? Tom, Don, and I did that one year - nice run, and you can run down some good Accomack seaside roads for Hairy Woodpecker, Wood Duck, White-breasted Nuthatch. Light is better in the morning on the Chinc. ducks, but you'd have to walk a half hour! Sunday looks better for new migrants than Saturday, which will be hot.

  2. Bob, good luck to the Laughing Falcons. I was thought I was being optimistic at 120!

    I had considered a North to South run also.

    Like Bob said pledge/donate/contribute to the CVWO - they do good work.

    aka 1/2 a Wryneck

  3. Good luck! I will truly miss being an LF for the KC! Have fun. Renee