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Friday, August 27, 2010

Out to Gambell and Out of Contact

John and I are in Nome today where we flew early this morning from Anchorage.  We're waiting for our Bering Air flight to Gambell where we will be for about two weeks.  Unless things have changed since June, there won't be an opportunity to post any new blogs until I get back to Nome on September 10.  However, I will continue to write them and save them until I can post them.  So you'll just have to wait until then


  1. Hey Bob - Paul Lehman has internet connectivity there at Gambell - maybe he can show you how to hook up! Good luck, Ned

  2. Hope you were able to get Ned's message and hook up . . . will be checking in. The best of luck to you and John. Renee

  3. Hello Bob: A note out of the past, I'm Larry Livingston. I remember you well, your dad (Dr. Ake), and your brother Don.

    My wife and I are retired and spend the Summers in Michigan's U.P. We enjoy "our" Ruby Throated Hummingbirds and also have several Sharp Skinned Hawks that nest in the nearby pine trees. A Bald Eagle frequently cruises our lake, much to the consternation of the ducks with their ducklings. Perhaps the rarest/endangered bird here in the Upper Peninsula is the Kirkland Warbler. The DNR is trying to enhance their habitat, but I haven't seen any yet. Best of luck in your quest.

  4. good luck Bob


  5. We can check the Alaska Bird list for news out of Gambell too.

    - Arun