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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Gray Partridge

We drove east to Wells NV where we had breakfast in a brothel.  I didn't know that Nevada had legalized brothels a while back.  Once alerted to this fact I then understood the billboards advertising various "ranches" that heretofore I assumed were dude ranches (web photo).  After breakfast, which by the way was the worst meal I've had all year, we followed the directions we had been given yesterday and ended up at Angel Creek SP, a nice smallish camping area, but no partridges were there.  Neither were they in the agricultural areas to the south.  So back to Elko where we packed up and drove nearly non-stop to the Sacremento CA airport.  John and I parted ways, since his flight wasn't until tomorro morning.  My flight, however, was a red-eye,.  I chose this flight because it gave us an extra morning's birding should we have needed it for the snowcock and it got me home in time to drive down to NC for pelagic birding.  For my flight I was a little early (about three hours!) so I used the free wifi offered at the airport.  It's a nice service and allows travelers access to the web.  The flight boarded and departed on time.

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