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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Leisurely Day

I had a leisurely breakfast at an IHOP.  It was nice to see families still getting together for a breakfast out.  The family sitting at the table near mine had a girl, two boys, and the mom and dad.  The young lady had everyone organized into some sort of guessing game.  Everyone participated although the mom's cellphone was in use a couple of times.  One of the boys suggested they come back another time since during mid-week, kids eat free.  Then it was dad's turn to explain what "free" probably meant.
On to LA.  The drive was easy compared to that of a couple of days ago.  Got to the motel and checked in.  Monitored the Cards win over Pittsburgh.  Took the rental car back early and saved a couple of bucks.  Walked back to the motel and called Jeff Byrd who as it happens was in California doing some birding and heading toward LA.  We made arrangements to have dinner together.  That turned out to be an enjoyable time.  He did a trip to Arizona earlier this year and we compared notes.  Now he's trying for some CA birds he's missing, and doing it at a whirlwind pace.  I hope it goes well.
Sunday Night Baseball finished off the day.  Tomorrow it's airports, airplanes, and lines again.

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