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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hatteras Pelagic II

Another gorgeous, hot day on the seas out of Hatteras NC with Brian Patteson on the Stormy Petrel II. The results were pretty much the same as yesterday with good looks at the warm water species. But no new birds again and it was getting late. I had eaten my lunch and was pacing the deck, trying to stay on the shady side of the boat. Then the call went out over the PA system, a bit garbled at first, and then very clear. A Herald/Trindade Petrel was in view. I caught a glimpse of the bird and thought that might be it, since these gadfly petrels don't usually spend much time near boats. But it turned and flew down the length of the boat allowing a flurry of photos to be taken. Even I got a couple of reasonable images. And then it was gone. A little later a Band-rumped Storm-Petrel put in an appearance at the back of the boat, making one good pass across the chum line. When we got back in to the dock, John and I headed back to Norfolk where John picked up his car and drove on to Staunton. On Tuesday we'll be in California for a series of three pelagic trips. Total is now 685.
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  1. I guess you'll be taking a few deep breaths and then heading out the door. On the road again . . . maybe you should write a song . . . I wish you more good luck in California. Renee

  2. What fantastic photographs! I'm glad the old Trinidade Petrel came through so nicely. I am not sure what your schedule looks like, but there is a possible private pelagic in October in California that you might want to consider. Will keep you posted. Meanwhile, good luck to you and John with the birds on Debi's boats!

  3. Couldn't find the stint at Craney yesterday, but there is a Little Stint in e. California!