Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Monday, August 2, 2010

From LAX to ORF

The motel where I stayed near LAX (web photo) offered a continental breakfast.  I took them up on it.  Since I had printed out my boarding pass ahead of time, I felt I didn't need to get to the airport too early.  However, I gave myself two hours and used the motel shuttle which took me right to the Delta terminal at LAX.  Although I didn't have to check in, I still had to go through security.  That line was OUT THE DOOR.  Inside, the line snaked all over the place, then up the stairs, through a side room, and finally to a TSA person.  It took me over one hour to get through security.  But I still made the plane.  My stop was in Minneapolis since Delta acquired Northwest and Minneapolis was a hub for Northwest.  My layover was a bit long, but I got home.  Cards lost badly!  Next weekend John and I will do a pair of Patteson pelagics out of Hatteras.


  1. Welcome home. Renee

  2. Good luck offshore tomorrow! Wish I could be there, Ned