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Friday, October 22, 2010

In California

This was a travel day and indeed it was again "One of those days!"  All went well until I got to LA where I was to change planes for the flight to San Francisco.  That flight was moved to a new plane which delayed the arrival into San Fran by nearly two hours.  Obama had been there earlier in the day and had probably slowed things down a bit anyway.  In the exchange of planes, my bag came up missing.  I used the same car rental agency I did last time and that worked out very well again.  When I arrived at the motel, the receptionist recognized me, and when I told her I again was awaiting the delivery of an errant bag, she asked if I was carrying something I shouldn't be.  Not that I know of, I replied.  My cheapie motel didn't carry the TV channel doing the baseball playoffs, so I listened on the clock radio in the room to Joe and John on ESPN radio which turned out to be just right.  Dinner at the IHOP next door followed and the wait for the bag ended with its delivery around 11pm.  Kinda a looooong day.  Tomorrow I'm working my way north with a little birding at Point Reyes.  I'm dropping in to see Rig Currie who  is Dick Peake's cousin and with whom I traveled to Papua New Guinea some years ago.  I'm hoping the boat gets out on Sunday.  Ned Brinkley, Brian Patteson, and Kate Sutherland as well as many of the west coast pelagickers will be aboard.  I'm looking forward to spending time with all of them.

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  1. Sounds like it will be a blast! Good luck. Renee