Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Home and No Rarity Reports

Tuesday I flew back to Norfolk from San Francisco.  You'll recall that was the day of the storm in the north midwest.  As you might guess that storm produced airport delays primarily in the Chicago area, but those trickled down through the system and affected many flights later in the day.  My flight to Las Vegas was on time, but the flight from there to Norfolk was delayed due to "mechanical problems."  As a note of interest to those who make note of obscure facts, I think this particular flight on Southwest is the longest direct flight from or to Norfolk.  Anyone know of a longer one?  My flight took off over an hour late, but because of the huge tailwind (>120mph!), I arrived in Norfolk only 20 minutes late.  The flight time was less than four hours.  See image at left for an illustration of a tailwind (web photo).
Yesterday and today have been errand days and watching the birds in the backyard where nothing particularly exciting has flown in.  Tomorrow Joyce and I will head for Baltimore for a wedding of the daughter of one of Joyce's cousins.  It should be a fun weekend.  Meanwhile I'll keep my ear to the ground for the arrival of a rarity anywhere in the ABA area.  They certainly haven't been plentiful this last week; I guess that's why they're called rarities, eh?


  1. Bob:

    Being a former pilot I know how winds can help or hurt you. A tail wind is great to have when you need to make up some time.

    The worst wind I ever encounter was a CAT (Clear Air Turbulence), I had one to hit me one time and I dropped about 1000 feet in just a few seconds. If I was 20 to 30 thousand feet it would not have been to bad but I was only at 2500 feet and it got a little to close for comfort.

    Good Birding Always.

    Jeff Blalock

  2. Good luck at the Yellow Rail festival! Too bad there aren't any Gray Partridge in Louisiana, eh?