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Sunday, April 11, 2010

We're in Colorado

The flight really wasn't too bad. The airline did change my flight so I had to leave two hours earlier but still arrived in Denver at the same time. In Atlanta I did get my cup of Starbucks and a scone. Arrived in Denver half and hour ahead of John and went to the car rental place and signed out the car only to realize that I needed to have John sign on as an extra driver which he did when he arrived later. We then hit the road, immediately adding Black-billed Magpie to the year's list, and headed south turning off on the road to Sedalia. Above that town is an area which is infested with bark beetles which killed the trees leaving a ton of excellent feeding grounds for American Three-Toed Woodpeckers. After a small hill climb we found a female working diligently on several trees (photo). She was completely oblivious to our presence. There were also some American Robins, Dark-eyed Juncos (gray-headed), and Northern Flickers (red-shafted). Steller's Jays and Mountain Chickadees were scolding us. Returning to the interestate we ended up in a five-mile long backup because of an accident. Eventually we got past it and when we got to Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy, we found a Chinese restaurant and ate dinner there before continuing on to Walsenburg where we got a motel room. Tomorrow we head to La Veta which is not far away to see if the rosy-finches and friends are still visiting a feeder there. The year list total is now 435.
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  1. It would be unusual to find a Red-backed Junco in Colorado, though we do have the Gray-headed ones that also have the red-back. A true Red-backed Dark-eyed Junco has a bi-colored bill, rather than the standard pink of most Juncos. The bi-colored bill is dark on top and light below (just like the Yellow-eyed Junco). Check your photos and let me know, will ya? I've had Slate, Oregon, Pink-sided, Gray-headed (which you saw in my yard), and even White-winged...but never Red-backed. If you got one, I'd love to would be a good find!

    I enjoyed your visit today...thanks for stopping by. I don't know how long your year will be; feel free to come back later this season...for a whole new set of birds (3 different grosbeaks, a couple each of buntings, orioles, tanagers and some warblers, to boot. Not to mention the hummers.

    Have fun,

  2. So the Black-billed Magpies are still in Denver!!! That's where I got my lifer on the way home from your '83 Texas trip!