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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Ran a few errands today, trying to get ready for the trip to Colorado.  Bought a new rechargeable Q-beam spotlight to replace my old one that just can't seem to keep its charge.  Also got a replacement set of mini-speakers for my iPod.  I'm not sure where my previous set was lost, but that it was.  I won't say that losing things on a big year is inevitable, but it seems to be that way in my case.  That's why they have Radio Shacks.  I also stoked up on granola bars, a mainstay for my trips over the past decade.  They tide me over between food stops.  I also eat them on airplanes instead of paying for a less than adequate meal service.  After the errand run, I did watch the Cards lose 2-1 to the Reds on a walk off homer in the bottom of the ninth.  The good news is that Brad Penny pitched well in his first start for the Cards.  It's a long way to October.
   In checking out the latest news from the Colorado RBAs I find that I'll probably change my intended itinerary a bit.  But that's all part of the game.  In fact I won't know which of two initial sites I'll head for until I get to Denver and call to find out whether the Rosy-Finches came in that morning.  Yes, it's getting exciting.

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