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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

John's back from Cuba and had a good trip.  We chatted a bit today.  I'm in the midst of finalizing the itinerary for Colorado based on our needs, what's there, and my experience with birding there at this time of year a few years ago.  We don't leave until a week from Saturday, but after then the trips come fast and furious with no time between.  Still, with the electronic connection I can do most tasks on the road.  Setting up the trip does get me excited about going.  Especially when migration here has been so slow.  I need a new bird fix.
To that end tomorrow I'm back in the Dismal Swamp, this time along Jericho Ditch.  When that walk is over, I plan to go to Craney Island for some shorebirding and check out the new procedure they've instituted to allow birders and others on that site on Fridays.  I'm sure I won't be the only birder there tomorrow.  It should be well covered.
Still had a Bufflehead in the cove behind our house.  Gives me the image for today (web photo).

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