Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Geese Are Better Than One

It was fine weather for ducks or rather geese, but awful for the rest of us.  It wasn't too bad as we headed east from Calais ME and into Canada.  But as we got to eastern New Brunswick the wind was howling from the northeast and the rain was pounding down.  It took about three hours of tough driving to get to the area where the Pink-footed Goose had been seen.  The goose was found a couple of weeks ago by Stu Tingley who since then has kept track of its whereabouts.  A phone call from Stu recommended that since he hadn't found the Pinkfoot yet, we should go for the Graylag Goose.  We followed his suggestion and were half-way to  Truro NS when he called again to say that he had re-found the goose.  We elected to keep going to Nova Scotia and return to New Brunswick after we had tried for the graylag.  I called Eric Mills who had found the graylag originally and who had also been with John and me on Gambell this fall.  He related that two birders were currently looking at that goose and gave me the new location and also the phone number of Ian MacLaren, one of the birders at the goose spot.  I called Ian who updated the directions, but said he would not be able to stay until we arrived.  We got there a little over an hour later and found the flock of geese.  Shortly thereafter I spotted the Graylag Goose and was able to get a photo (lower) even though the conditions were terrible.  After thanking the homeowner who had graciously allowed us to view the geese from his yard, we headed back to New Brunswick.  I thanked Eric and Ian by phone for their help with seeing the graylag.  After a couple more hours of driving in intensely bad weather we reached the area of the pinkfoot and called Stu who told us where he had last seen the goose.  When we arrived at the spot, we found the goose, but the photographic conditions were even worse than they had been for the graylag.  However, I have posted an image (upper photo) and tomorrow we will return and try to get a better picture.  After that, if the weather is reasonable, we will probably go to Prince Edward Island to look for crossbills and partridges.  The two geese bring the year's list total to 715.
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  1. Great Scott!! Two in a day! Congrats! Maybe there will be a Tim Horton's in PEI to celebrate? My mother has potato-farming relatives there, but I don't have any good birding contacts there. If you had Stu, Ian, and Eric on the line, I will bet they know just the right folks for hunting those two!

  2. what about acadia national park for white-winged xbill? don't know about reliable spots but i saw them there in 91/92.

  3. That storm was bizarre. I am sure there is some sort of name for it. Nor-easter? But it crossed us and then backed down on us again. Rain, then clear, then snow in the morning, then rain. Today 20mph winds.

    Congrats on the geese. Better you got them up there. Duck hunters are tidying their hides up, so anything fat and feathered is going to have a hard time of it down here soon.

  4. 715 . . . not too shabby my friend!! Congrats, Renee

  5. BTW, there is an OCWA in my backyard. Seems early for my regular guy, but he's been here since 11/7 . . . last year I didn't see him until 11/20.