Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Monday, November 8, 2010

Calais, Maine - It's Almost Canada!

The flights from New Orleans to Manchester NH via Baltimore went smoothly.  I used the flight time to re-read "The Big Year" and found it quite enjoyable and and belatedly informative given my different perspective this time through.  In Manchester I was met by my friend Denny Abbott.  We collected my bag and headed east making only two stops - one for gas, the other for food.  We reached Calais ME by 8:30pm and decided to launch our assault on the geese tomorrow from here.  We'll try to get an early start armed with coffee and donuts (Dunken Donuts is the earliest opening foodery here).  The Pink-foot will be first followed by the Graylag.  If we're successful, we'll turn our attention to White-winged Crossbill and Gray Partridge on Prince Edward Island.  Of course you all have heard that an adult Black-tailed Gull was found today in Long Beach CA.  Maybe that would be after the PEI birds....or should it be before them??


  1. If you see a good looking bull moose, be sure and get a pic! I sure would like to see one! Good luck on your quest! Renee

  2. Hey, I was just in Calais two weeks ago! You can see Canada from your back yard there! ha ha!
    Keep it up!!