Total ABA Species Recorded During 2010 - 731

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Calendar of Big Year Talks

Starting in the fall, I will be giving talks about the Big Year to various bird clubs and other groups.  In response to a question from Cathy and Terry Bond, who wanted to know when and where the talks would be, I have posted the calendar on my website.  Just click on the link "Calendar of Big Year talks" on the left side of the Blog under "Link to Website."  I hope you'll find a talk that fits your needs.  Contact information for each program is provided.
I have also cleaned up the two Big Year species spreadsheets.  One has the species listed by date seen in reverse order, the last seen at the top, the first seen at the bottom.  The other list has the birds listed in ABA order with the gaps showing graphically which birds I missed during the year.  You might have fun with those as your time permits.
As far as the blog goes I'm going to try to write a paragraph on some timely subject or what I'm seeing or not seeing, trying hard to be interesting, but not stimulating enough to throw readers into a flaming rage.  So check it out and see what I'm up to; your responses will be a clue as to whether it's interesting enough to continue.
Incidentally you might be interested to know that the Blog got about 10,000 hits a month until December when the hits topped 18,000.  I don't have a complete record of hits for the whole year because I didn't turn the counter on at the beginning because I didn't know about it.  My guess is that if I had been counting from January 1, 2010, the total from the year would have exceeded 110,000 hits.  I do know that for the last half of the year the total was over 72,000 hits.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and miss it. Please keep posting about birds. Any topic.

  2. Hey Bob - want to come to Texas and give a talk for our bird club?! We ran into Dick Peake on Saturday in Galveston. Made me think of you.

  3. Bob,

    I am with Anne Arundel County Bird Club in Maryland. I'd like to invite you to come speak with us. How may I go about sending you an invitation? Our club meetings are the first friday of every month, typically from October through May. You can email me at goodmigrations (at)

    Ross Geredien

  4. A friend sent your link to me just this I missed your Big Year. Oh well, I will read it at leisure now and note down hints for my own future birding trips. Glad you met your goals though..and good luck on your future goals/trips. Joan from Crownsville, MD.

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